Elevating And
Empowering Our Clients

Stratus works with businesses to provide advisory and consultancy services that help ensure compliance, optimize performance, and manage corporate service needs

Our Well-Rounded Teams Offer Exceptional Performance Across Key Areas Of Business Operations

Corporate Services

Our corporate service offerings help businesses maintain synergy with local legislations, open and manage bank accounts and taxation processes, and facilitate incorporation and establishment services.  

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Account Opening

and Taxation

Incorporation and Establishment Services

Private Clients

The teams at Stratus work tirelessly to help you optimize the efficiency of wealth management by ensuring that you and your business is operating in an optimal, compliant, and industry-appropriate fashion.

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Private Managed Companies


Office Functions


The Stratus Difference

At Stratus, we work closely with clients that we want to build long-term relationships with. Our caring, compassionate teams build stronger relationships with clients by listening attentively, addressing sector- and industry-specific needs, and using our industry knowledge to enhance corporate efficiency. Our goal is to help clients achieve all of their objectives, whether that’s preserving wealth, accelerating business incorporation processes or enhancing the appeal of their digital media assets.

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Regardless of whether your business is struggling with taxation laws or needs a hand expediting incorporation for your new business, Stratus can’t wait to show you what our local knowledge and insight can bring to the table!