About Stratus

Stratus is an experienced, first-rate consultancy and services firm that excels at helping clients meet their business objectives. We accomplish this through a combination of experienced teams and best-practice methodologies to ensure that organizations achieve their desired outcomes quickly, reliably, and with the utmost efficiency.

Our Biggest Edge Is Our Experience

Regardless of whether your business is struggling with taxation laws or needs a hand expediting incorporation for your new business, Stratus can’t wait to show you what our local knowledge and insight can bring to the table!

Our Teams

We believe that what sets businesses apart is their teams. We’ve taken great care to cultivate a company culture and team that’s founded on experience and results. This enables us to help diverse clients with all of their business needs and goals.


Diversity gives our teams a well-rounded perspective into problems and lets us find the best way to achieve results. We’re proud of what makes each member of our team different and bring this diversity to the table at every step.


Our teams work tirelessly to help meet business objectives and achieve results for our clients. From simple to complex challenges, long-term projects to sudden issues and so much more, we never stop working until you’re proud of what we accomplished.


Respect for one another and for the businesses that we work with is how we build fruitful long-term relationships with one another. Embodying this value consistently assures our clients that we have their best interests at heart!