Our Banking Services

At Stratus, we offer a slate of banking-focused services geared towards helping your business streamline account opening and management for both your domestic and international accounts!

Our Services Are Designed For Peace Of Mind

Bank account opening and management requires businesses to not only have a knowledge of regulatory requirements but also spend a great deal of time cooperating with banking professionals, taking time and effort away from business management. Stratus offers the well-rounded banking services businesses need to easily set up and manage their account without any frustrations or fuss.

Whatever the type of account you need, Stratus can help you set it up quickly and efficiently by coordinating and guiding you through the ins and outs of account setup with your chosen bank. We act as the sole point of contact for your business, working to both address any questions you might have as well as fill out and process any of the necessary documentation.

We go the extra mile for our clients, acting as the authorized representative on their behalf to ensure that all of their day-to-day banking needs and requirements are properly handled. We act as the middlemen between you and your bank, giving you less to worry about by ensuring that your banking needs are meticulously taken care of.

Our wealth of international experience has given us the knowledge and connections needed to simplify and expedite the opening of international accounts for our local clients. Let Stratus show you a world of banking possibilities!