Corporate Services

Our well-rounded slate of corporate services is ideal for businesses looking to streamline and facilitate complex business requirements. Our Corporate Services team offers everything from health and compliance checks to corporate secretarial services in order to ensure that businesses can achieve all of their objectives.

Our Business Is All About You!

We pride ourselves on worrying about the fine details surrounding your business so you can spend your time focusing on the bigger picture. Our management and administration services are the ideal choice for businesses looking for a leg up when it comes to incorporation, secretarial services, SPV management, and so much more. Whether you’re a brand-new business or struggling to get a handle on the intricacies of the local market after years of difficulty, Stratus is here to lend a hand!

A compliant business in good regulatory standing can reduce its risk, limit its exposure, and ensure that consumers, clients, and government agencies regard the business highly. Our compliance services bring this to our clients through a focus on holistic assessments that help reduce instances non-compliance and help bring about more well-organized operations. In collaboration with our associates at Stratus Canada Lawyers, we offer:

  • Business registration support across local regulatory agencies
  • Reviews and audits of operations to identify compliance violations
  • Filing assistance for any essential documents and information needed for regulatory purposes

Special purpose vehicles are financial tools that help businesses manage financial risk, handle investments, streamline asset ownership, and manage real estate assets. This is an ideal asset for large, multinational corporations that operate across jurisdictions. Our specialists help clients get the most out of this flexible and versatile structure by assisting in the implementation and setup of SPVs through processes based on the unique requirements and organizational needs of each individual business.

Corporate secretarial services are essential for businesses struggling with the everyday management of their operations. Particularly when working in a new jurisdiction or market, these services can help businesses limit time spent on complex, yet mundane, activities, and ensure that their efforts are spent more efficiently in the core aspects of their everyday operations. In collaboration with Stratus Canada Lawyers, our team at Stratus can help with:  

  • Meeting documentation deadlines and ensuring that processes are navigated efficiently
  • Obtaining necessary certifications and approvals from the relevant agencies
  • Navigating the processes for changing company details
  • Maintaining records, registers, and documentation as necessary
  • Managing correspondence and meeting with agencies and authorities on your behalf
  • Filing and submitting any required financial statements with the relevant authorities

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’re simply new to the market, ensuring that you have access to reliable experience, insight, and expertise are essential for success. Stratus’ directorship services help you manage the day-to-day of your operations, ensuring that you can seamlessly navigate the complexities of local legislation. Our high standards of ethics and accountability are key to ensuring that your business benefits from impartial, best-practice advice and guidance at every turn.

At Stratus, we offer access to a highly trained team of experts well-versed in the realities of international business in order to offer first-rate domiciliation services. Our local presence, combined with our international expertise and experience, help us streamline operations, including everything from handling mail to setting up a local telephone line. Convenience is at the forefront of our domiciliation services, ensuring that your business benefits from all of the advantages of our local team.