Incorporation and Establishment

Our incorporation and establishment services leverage our best-practice knowledge of processes and policies to help you navigate, expedite, and manage corporate incorporation processes.

We Help You Kick Things Off Properly

Getting off on the right foot is integral to ensuring that your business operates in good standing. Stratus believes that when you take the time to start things the right way, good things follow. That’s why we offer our specialist-level insight to businesses across all areas of incorporation and business expansion, ensuring that each client can benefit from tailored advice and counsel suited to their unique needs and requirements.

Ensuring that the incorporation of your business is managed properly requires that you have the necessary knowledge of—and experience with—incorporation documentation, requirements, and standards. on holistic assessments that help reduce instances non-compliance and help bring about more well-organized operations. In collaboration with our associates at Stratus Canada Lawyers, Stratus corporate Services can help you offload your incorporation needs! Stratus Canada Lawyers and Stratus Canada Corporate Services can help you choose a business structure, meet with notaries and lawyers, ensure compliance throughout the process, obtain and file the right documents, and so much more to make incorporation a breeze!

In the event that your company needs to cease its operations and close its doors, Stratus Canada Corporate Services, in collaboration with Stratus Canada Lawyers, can help your business seamlessly navigate the process of deregistration and corporate liquidation, ensuring that your business complies with all legal requirements and frameworks in place. Between the preparation of legal documentation, board resolutions, document review and submission, and more, Stratus Corporate Services and Stratus Canada Lawyers have you completely covered when it comes to the liquidation of your company.

The needs of each business are varied and vast, which is why Stratus works closely with clients to understand their expansion goals, timelines, and requirements in order to offer actionable and up-to-the-minute insight in order to help them navigate their requirements. Our local connections and knowledge ensure that we offer reliable consultancy to our clients time and time again.

If you need a hand with the everyday management and administration of your enterprise, Stratus can help! We can appoint an experienced and enthusiastic director who will work with your best interests at heart to help grow and scale your business, while remaining compliant with all local laws and regulations governing your industry. With specialist insight and experience guiding your business forward, you can be certain that your operations are in good hands.