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This document explains the Terms of Use that govern this website and that apply between You (“You,” “Your,” the “User,” the “Visitor”) and Stratus Canada Corporate Services (“We,” “Us,” “Our,” “Stratus Canada Corporate Services,”). In using Our website, You’re consenting to the Terms outlined herein. We advise that You familiarize Yourself with these Terms as a result.

Website Licensing

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Unless you are the owner of any of the materials in question, it is forbidden to:

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At Our discretion, We may restrict access to parts of Our website, or the site in its entirety. If this should occur, it is prohibited to attempt to bypass the restrictions put in place.

It is Your responsibility to comply with any relevant laws or regulations governing the access and use of Our site.

Acceptable Use

It is against these terms to:

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It is Your responsibility to provide Us with complete and accurate information.

Limited Warranties

We do not warrant:

  • The accuracy of information found on Our website;
  • That the information on Our website is current; or
  • That website services will remain available.

Stratus Canada Corporate Services retains the right to restrict access to this Site, or to make changes to it at any time and at Our discretion.

We advise that You exercise caution and perform Your own due diligence prior to accessing or utilizing Our website.

We exclude any warranties to these Terms or Our website to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Liability Limitations

Nothing present in these Terms will:

  • Limit or exclude liability for any injuries or death that occur as a result of negligence;
  • Limit or exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • Limit liabilities in any manner that is not permitted by law; or
  • Exclude liabilities in any way that prohibited by law.

Stratus Canada Corporate Services is not liable for:

  • Any losses to profits, income, etc;
  • The loss of any data or other such assets;
  • Consequential losses or damages incurred; or
  • Any losses that may arise from any and all events that are outside of Our control.

These limitations outline the fullest extent of liabilities that may arise as a result of these Terms, including any such liabilities in contract, tort or breach of duty, as permitted by law.

You understand and consent to the fact that We have an interest in limiting the liability of Our employees. You therefore agree that no claim will be made against Our employees in respect to losses incurred when using Our website.

Breaching of These Terms of Use

Should You—or should We suspect You to— breach these Terms, We reserve the right to:

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  • Suspend Your website access;
  • Prohibit You from accessing Our site; or
  • Pursue any relevant legal action against You.

In the event that Your access to Our website is restricted in this way, it is prohibited to try and circumvent the measures implemented.

Third-Party Site Content

Stratus Canada Corporate Services does not control the content or practices that govern third-party sites, even if links to these sites are present on Our Website. It is Your responsibility to familiarize Yourself with the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, that govern these third-party sites.

Amendments To These Terms

At Our discretion, We may make changes to these Terms. Your ongoing use of this Site implies consent with the Terms contained herein. Due to this, it is Your responsibility to stay up-to-date with any changes made to these Terms on a regular basis by visiting this page.


You agree that Stratus Canada Corporate Services may decide to assign or otherwise transfer Our rights under these Terms.

You have the right to file a complaint with the relevant authorities. If you would wish to exercise this right, please contact Us.

Terms of Use

You do not have the right to assign or otherwise transfer Your rights or obligations.


Even In the event that a court or competent and relevant authority deems a provision contained within these Terms to be unlawful, any and all other provisions in these Terms will continue to take effect. 

In the event that a provision is removed from these Terms, the other provisions will continue to take effect.

Third Parties and Their Rights

All contracts and agreements between Stratus Canada Corporate Services and You are for Your benefit, not for the benefit of any third party.

Any rights exercised pursuant to these Terms and Conditions do not require any third-party consent.

Entire Agreement

This page, together with Our Privacy Policy, encompass the entire agreement between Stratus Canada Corporate Services and You in regards to Your use of Our website. These documents shall supersede any previous agreements that may have governed Your use of Our website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed in accordance with the laws of Canada. Any claims issued as a result of these Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Canada.

Our Company Contact Information

This website is owned and operated by Stratus Canada Corporate Services. Our business is registered  in Canada. Our office can be located at 2 Place du Commerce, Suite 102, Iles des Soeurs, Quebec, Canada, H3E 2B5.